New Work Bites is a series of podcasts focused on the changing world of work with guests, hosted by Jan Owen.  

The podcasts will communicate the best current thinking about how young people can navigate the changing landscape as they transition from school to work.

Host - Jan Owen

Jan Owen is a highly regarded entrepreneur, innovator, influencer and author.
She has led and founded many organisations and businesses, most recently the Foundation for Young Australians and Learning Creates Australia.


The Hot Desk: How to plan a career path which enables you to pivot and be more adaptable in times like Covid19 and future, similar scenarios. 

Tik Tok: What employers are looking for in the current workplace; the importance of work integrated learning, building relationships with employers and other students to get ahead of the un/employment queue.

The Watercooler: The fast evolving future of work landscape in Australia and the skills and capabilities needed to navigate many jobs. Latest information on what Government and industry want us to focus on. 

Like a Boss: Breaking down barriers, making the most of opportunities in new jobs and industries, with a particular focus on supporting young people who don't always get access to opportunities.

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Episode 1: The Hot Desk

Episode 2: Tik Tok

Episode 3: The Watercooler

Episode 4: Like a Boss


"Listened to the first two podcasts... particularly impressed with Adam Jacobs and his useful info/advice on Human skills and his take on Integrated Learning. Very very useful and really looking forward to exploring the other topics. Well done!"

Career advisor, Sacred Heart Girls College